Many Business Solutions


Company Formation in the UK

England, as the world’s 5th largest economy, is a country that takes the pulse of the business world and trade. Opening a company in the UK is a profitable investment, as the UK has a developed economy and trade agreements with many European countries. As such, the country is in the center of attention of entrepreneurs and business people.

We provide on-site and fast services to those who want to do business in the UK, such as opening a new business in the UK, opening a branch of the company in Turkey in the UK, renting a warehouse space in the UK to stock products for export.

Take your place in the UK market to grow your company, gain strong business connections, and increase the value of your company with low tax opportunities.

Investing in the UK

The UK maintains its status as Europe’s most important investment capital. It is the country that receives the most investment in Europe. The second financial center of the world is London. The bureaucratic part is less than in many European countries and it is easier to start a business.

For your company or investment projects in Turkey, opening up to the international market, growing, gaining the right to live in the UK, etc. We provide investment consultancy and visa application services to those who want to invest in the UK.

Merger and Acquisition

We provide services at every stage of merger and acquisition processes and transactions involving domestic and foreign companies operating in various sectors in the UK. Our team, in mergers and acquisitions, obtaining all necessary permits and licenses, such as legal and commercial status and risk assessment (Due Diligence), merger agreements, joint venture agreements, for their clients, who are buyers, sellers, target companies and project financiers. issues support.

Marketing Resarch

New investments are one of the most critical growth indicators of global and national economies. Regardless of the sector, it is of great importance that new investments, which are the door to production, employment, export, that is, prosperity, rise on a healthy ground, be prepared in an encompassing way and have their feet firmly on the ground. Accordingly, pre-investment market research is the most important part of feasibility studies. While the return times of investments based on the right feasibility are shortened, the chances of success increase.

We provide comprehensive consultancy services on issues such as comprehensive evaluation of the market in the sector, competitor analysis and customer analysis within the scope of your investment and business strategy in the UK. Thanks to our pre-investment market research service, potential investors make a solid entry by understanding the target market.

Legal Support

Our company, which has offices in Istanbul and London, provides national and international legal consultancy services regarding all kinds of commercial activities as well as legal problems of individuals.

As we support large companies in Turkey and England, we also serve small and medium-sized businesses and individuals with the same quality and sensitivity.

Business Visas

The UK visa is considered to be one of the most difficult visas to obtain by the majority of people. We support those who want to establish a business in the UK and who want to serve as the owner of their own business in the visa application process.

Visa Types We Serve

  • Start-up Visa (Start-up Visa)
  • Innovator Visa
  • Global Talent Visa
  • Skilled Worker Visa
  • Family Reunification Visa (Family Visa)
  • Graduate Route Visa (Graduate Route Visa)

Apostille Procedures

Apostille is an approval system that ensures the authenticity of a document and its legal use in another country. They must prove the authenticity of a document you wish to use outside the UK or in the UK. Apostille is valid in 92 countries including Turkey and England.

We provide apostille service to certify a document that you want to use outside the UK or in the UK.